Have you been plucking away for years at your eyebrows not knowing which hairs to pull out and which hairs so save? Or maybe you saw a famous celebritya��s brow shape and wanted yours shaped exactly like theirs? But herea��s the catcha��.Not all brow shapes will work for certain facial shapes.[xyz-ips snippet=”1″]

Our eyebrows are here to enhance our features, but by choosing the wrong shape we are doing the opposite. Gasp!!!

Everyone has a unique facial structure and their own set of unique facial features. This is because our bone structure and features differA�from one another, and therefore everyone will have a slightly different eyebrow shape.A�So unfortunately with eyebrows it is definitely not a case of one size fits all! Which is why at Beautiful Brow Boutique we highly discourage the use of stencils as each set eyebrows needs to be created and designed differently and carefully to suit the clients facial features.

Here we take our time to create the perfect set of brows for you. We take into consideration a number of factors when tattooing eyebrows including your face shape, where your features lie, your bone-structure and of course the golden ratio a�� something that I will go further into in one of my upcoming blog posts.

But how do we choose the best shape for your face?



Firstly we will assess your face shape a�� easiest done when the hair is pulled back into a pony tail. There are 6 categories of face shapes and each needs a slightly different brow shape to enhance it. These shapes are as follows; Oval, Long, Round, Square, Heart and Diamond. (Refer to the image above)

Once we have discerned the shape of your face, we will then carefully choose a eyebrow shape that suits your features. For example, we would use a slightly flatter eyebrow shape with only a slight arch to balance out someone with longer facial features. However if we had used high arches we would end up emphasising the long face and as a result give it them the appearance of having a surprised expression.

Following this we would then look at your features. Close set eyes will need to have a brow where the bulb (beginning of the brow) starts a little further apart from the centre of the face, this will draw the eyes apart. With wide set eyes we can move the position of the bulb to start slightly closer to the centre of the face, which will draw the eye in and as a direct result keep the features balanced.


Who knew math was involved when creating your perfect eyebrow?


Lastly the golden ratio, a set of measurements which is perceived to be attractive by the human eye seen everywhere throughout nature, architecture, engineering and inA�art. These measurements help to pinpoint the length of the brow and the distances between the bulb and the arches and from the arches to the tail. Two sets of a�?good lookinga�? numbers make up the length of your brow.



Every face is a unique masterpiece! So we take our time when creating and drafting up your brows to pull out the best in your features.