Will cosmetic tattooing hurt?
Before and during the procedure anaesthetic is applied to the area which will cause a numbing effect. Pain tolerance varies from person to person but sometimes factors such as the menstrual cycle can influence sensitivity.
Who is unsuitable for cosmetic tattoo?
We advise for against cosmetic tattoo for precautionary reasons women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. People who are taking blood thinning medication and prescription Accutane (clients must stop taking medication 6 months prior to cosmetic tattooing)
How long will it last?
Generally Between one and two years then a refresh will be needed to keep the colour and shape to be vibrant again.

There are certain lifestyle factors that will effect the lifespan of your treatment. Exposure to sunlight, chlorine, salt and smoking may fade pigment colour faster. laser treatment and chemical peels should be avoided on the treated area and applying sunscreen will help to prolong the lifespan.

How many treatments will I need?

It is generally a two stage process with 4-6 weeks apart but some clients may need a third visit if they encounter a resistant to the pigment. People with oilier skin may find that the pigment is pushed out from the epidermis or people who may be low in iron may experience pigment absorption.

What will it look like immediately after treatment?
Some people but very few may experience some redness and swelling but will reduce within a few hours. The area that has been treated will appear bold and vibrant during the healing phase approximately 7-10 days then lighten and soften. Once the healing phase is complete we will observe how the pigment colour has healed with your skin tone. Any adjustments to colour or shape will be altered in the touch up session 4-16 weeks later.
What does it mean when they say results vary?
Many factors will affect your cosmetic tattoo. Lighter colours will fade faster also bleeding may affect the amount of pigment being absorbed. Caffine and alcohol are to be avoided 24 hours before treatment, fish oils must not be taken 5 days before treatment. Certain medication can affect absorption the pigment such as thyroid, vitamin E and ibuprofene.
How long will it take to heal?
The healing phase varies between individuals but generally 7-10 days. Some clients may experience slight scabbing but the area is kept moist with Bepanthen to prevent from flaking. Aftercare instructions must be followed to maximize the effect of the pigment lifespan and colour.


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