An image of a feather touch eyebrow tattoo created by The Beautiful Brow Boutique

In this day and age, eyebrows are easily one of the most important features to frame the face and you can see proof of this by imagining what your face would look like without them! They’re a prominent facial feature, whether we like it or not and because of that, so many different methods have come about that work to darken, shape and fill in your brows. However, many of these creams, gels and pomades are time-consuming and only last for 24 hours.

What if you could get bold and fierce brows without all the maintenance and that lasted for one to three years depending on your skin type?

Say hello to eyebrow feathering — an advanced semi-permanent tattooing method that has become the latest craze in the search for the perfect brows. Gone are the days of uneven and thin brows or block brow tattoos. Finally, a new method has taken the industry by storm and set the standard in the brow trend worldwide. Previously an exclusive luxury for celebrities, this new brow procedure is now available to you!

This procedure uses a micro-blading technique to imitate real hairs following the natural hair growth pattern of a brow. Small track lines are made in the upper layers of the epidermis where coloured pigment is implanted.

An image of a feather touch eyebrow tattoo created by The Beautiful Brow Boutique


The first part of your appointment will be your consultation. This will take roughly 20 minutes. You will fill out necessary documentation for health & safety regulations. Your brows will then be assessed by Sarah to first ensure that you are a candidate for the eyebrow feathering technique and that there is no previous tattooing or work done.

An application of anaesthetic numbing cream will be applied for your comfort, meanwhile we discuss any concerns you may have and your desired shape. Sarah will also go over the whole procedure again incase you have any queries!

Frequently asked question: Does it hurt?

You will be pleasantly surprised that it is not painful. It can be a little uncomfortable but definitely bearable.

Your brows will be groomed keeping as much of your natural hairs as possible.

Please Note: We do not shave or remove all your natural hairs. Keeping your natural hairs is what makes feather strokes appear naturally blended.

With a pencil we will create a few different shapes until we are both satisfied with your desired colour & design.

With the chosen pigments be it one or more colours we then proceed with the microblading.

What is Micro-Blading? 

Microblade is a scalpel-like instrument that has tiny needles with different heads and curvatures.

We use it to lightly scratch over the surface layer of the skin with a combination of upwards and slanted curves to give the hair strokes a natural three dimensional appearance. The skin is broken with fine hair stroke lines and the pigment is then absorbed into the skin and will heal into natural looking hair strokes.

Bepanthen will be applied to keep the skin moist and prevent infection. You will receive a list of aftercare instructions so you are well informed.

We will then book you in for a touch up visit approximately 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. This is crucial as the colour pigments need to build up in the skin and may take 2-3 treatments on some skin types.

The treatment should then last you between 1 to 3 years.

Throw away your old brow pencils and stencils! You will now have brows that will be the centre of attention!